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About Us:
Katrina Evans is both the principal and author at Tanzanite Publishing. She has embraced the modern 'indie' author approach to writing, where the author is responsible for publishing and marketing their own work without the help of a traditional publisher. This also includes undertaking the ground work of editing, designing and producing the book, which Katrina has completed with some assistance and author coaching from Pickawoowoo Publishing Group.  

The Name:
The blue and violet mineral called 'Tanzanite' is found in the geological environment of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, East Africa. It is a rare and relatively new precious gem, having only been discovered in 1967. Tanzanite - Wikipedia
  Just as tanzanite is precious, unique and special, so is each one of us as human beings. Katrina aims to capture this and nurture the whole person in her writing.  

About the Author:

The author of 'Breaking Free to Be Me', Katrina Evans, lives in Perth, Western Australia. She has studied counselling, psychology and sociology for the past 8 years. "I have studied, analysed and applied many theories and techniques of human thinking and behaviour in an attempt to improve the wellbeing and lifestyles of people with mental health issues, including my own self. What I have learned has proved  to be very helpful to me and many others. The knowledge and practical skills I have gained from going through my own personal mental breakdown, however, have benefited me on a much deeper level - one which I have felt that others should hear about." 

Katrina's book of reflections is a collection of the things that have personally inspired her over the years. She offers hope and encouragement to others who have struggled with anxiety and depression. Her ultimate wish is for these people to find their own way to 'break free' and find peace and enjoyment in their lives.

Contact Us:
Katrina can be reached at the following address
author@tanzanitepublishing.com if you have something inspiring to share. ​(Please no  scammers)

Group Work:
Katrina strongly recommends and encourages the use of her book as a tool to aid in the recovery of individuals during group therapy discussions.

"May your life be enriched with little glimpses

 beyond the horizon"