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  • Release yourself inside Tanzanite's latest book 
    ​by Katrina Evans:
    ​               "Breaking Free to Be Me"-                                Inspiring Reflections along the Highway 
    ​              From
     Breakdown to Recovery

    This collection of short encouraging pieces is available now in eBook, Paperback and Hardcover from Amazon, Booktopia, Fishpond and many other online bookstores worldwide. 

     Or Click on the following link:

    Breaking Free to Be Me, Katrina Evans - Shop Online for Books in Australia (fishpond.com.au)

The following are a taste of some of the short pieces contained in the book:

Let Go

"Fear halts and paralyses us.

Rising above fear lets us move forward.

Anxiety ties us up in knots.

Letting go of anxious thoughts frees us from our own ropes and chains.​"


​"What you have gained from your experiences along your journey will equip you for the next chapter of your life, so enjoy the ride and observe the scenery. 

It's not so much about reaching your destination- it's more about the interesting towns you have gone through on your way there."

Keep Trying

​"Never stop trying.

​If Plan A didn't work, try Plan B.

​If Plan B didn't bear any fruit, try Plan C.

​If Plan C produced some fruit but not enough to last you for the season, then try Plan D.

​Keep trying and eventually you will succeed."

The above photos were taken (left and right) on walk trail to Castle Rock, Porongurups, South Western Australia, and (centre) overlooking Mt. Barker town to Stirling Ranges, South Western Australia.